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The Sixth Letter is the band project I started around 2010. Previous to using that moniker I'd released cut n paste hiphop and instrumental beats and breaks under the names Fletch and Mr. F. 

My debut record 'Heavy Stepper' was released as a 7inch single on 7 Hills Records from Sheffield.

This record found its way onto BBC Radio 1 John Peel's show on a couple of occasions, and also Steve Lamacq's show.

That  opened up a door or two, culminating in a stint as session Turntablist for the Jon Kennedy live band (Grand Central Records - Manchester). Two 12inch singles followed, the 'Masquerade e.p' on Curli-Cue Records, and the 'Feather Your Nest e.p' on a Japanese label Chateau Disc.

My new demos were heard by Cut La Roc (ex Skint Records) and he signed me to his label Rocstar Recordings (London).

I was a solo artist at the time, pasting tracks together on whatever computer equipment I could find and exhausting the samples in my record collection. I needed a change of pace.

I sought out help from a few local musicians and changed up the approach while recording my debut album for Rocstar - Mr. F became the Sixth Letter.

Several singles, two albums, and two e.p's later, the Sixth Letter heads into the second half of 2019 with a new line up, a fresh live show to take out, and some new songs to record.

Below are two self released records, 2017's full length album Ghost Writers and 2018's e.p Uncanny Valley.